Marketer's Toolkit

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Seeking a starting framework or a fresh set of ideas to boost your marketing mojo?  The Marketer's Toolkit is designed with you in mind. Showcasing often requested resources from the Councils Community, we worked with industry experts and Council volunteers to provide these templates. 

Available exclusively to Marketing & Business Development Council members.  Members may access the files hereNot a member yet?  Join today!

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  • Vendor Service Review Template
  • Event Management Template
  • ROI Calculation Spreadsheet
  • Marketing Budget Spreadsheet
  • Data Gathering and Evaluation Spreadsheet

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  • Marketing Plan
  • Campaign Rollout Plan
    • Sample Marketing Campaign
    • New Branch Opening
    • Name Change
  • Business Development Plan
  • Multi-Channel Member Onboarding Plan
  • Conversion Communication Plan

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  • Social Media Policy
  • Photo Release Form