CUFX - Credit Union Financial Exchange

CUFX: Enabling innovation and speed-to-market within the industry by removing technology barriers.


The credit union industry spends too much time and capital managing redundant systems integrations to core data processing systems. These integration efforts take valuable time and resources away from efforts to quickly launch innovative solutions and deliver a seamless member experience across delivery channels. For credit unions to respond to competitive pressures from the large financial institutions, the industry needs to establish a set of standards. CUFX will focus on creating and promoting a single integration standard utilized by the industry.

Join The Effort

CUFX is a volunteer effort, driven and led by the CUNA Technology Council.  Leading Credit Unions and Vendors donate time and money to create and implement the standards.   

There are many participation opportunities for all types of organizations and credit union professionals:

  • Working Groups
  • Specification Review
  • Advocacy
  • Financial Support

Learn more and get involved today.

The Best Way to Support CUFX?

The best way to support the effort is to use the specifications.  Contact us today to see how you can incorporate the CUFX standards in your next credit union technology effort.

Other CUFX Resources