Be Smarter, Safer

By Bill Merrick05.23.2018

Theresa Payton, the first woman to serve as White House chief information officer and star of the reality TV show, “Hunted,” warned credit union leaders about the new dangers they face.

“I want us to be smarter and safer,” says Payton, a former banker and lifelong credit union member. “The threats are changing every day.”

She encouraged credit unions to:

Do a “walkabout” around your credit union. Ask staff what you do well and where you fall short when it comes to information security, and try to determine where employees have implemented workarounds to security procedures.

Think about logical and physical separation of zones of information. Having separate zones of information for different functions allows organizations to “flip a kill switch” when fraudsters compromise a particular zone.

Take your digital security response planning to a whole new level. Ransomware is especially concerning today. She suggests practicing how to respond to a potential ransomware event, which often involves the loss of data.

(via CUNA News)