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Simplifying Small-Bank Capital

By Zach Fox and Chris Vanderpool01.16.2018

Bipartisan legislation in the Senate would introduce a simple leverage ratio that could reduce reporting requirements on thousands of banks.


Train Your Managers on the FMLA, or You're Courting Trouble

By Jeff Nowak01.16.2018

When a manager learns that one of her employees is in the hospital for several days, that's almost always enough information...


Why Business Credit Cards Belong on Your 2018 Roadmap

By Connie Thienes01.16.2018

Here are a few reasons building a competitive business credit card program may be a great fit for your 2018...

O & ME

Eight Undeniable Reasons Members Love Shared Branching

By Preston Packer01.16.2018

Here are eight ways to demonstrate the value of utilizing shared branching to your members:


Augmented Intelligence in Financial Services

By Dan Schutzer01.16.2018

Augmented Intelligence (effectively partnering AI with humans) can help AI systems realize their full potential, and overcome privacy, security and...

M & BD

Four Podcasts Every Financial Marketer Should Listen To

By Mark Arnold01.16.2018

So if you work in a credit union or bank and have marketing in any part of your job duties,...

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