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The Grand Stage for Credit Union Technology and Operations Leaders

By CUNA News07.16.2019

Both CUNA Operations & Member Experience Council Conference and CUNA Technology Council Conference are currently open for registration, and members...


New CUNA HR & Organizational Development Council White Paper: The Diversity Advantage

By CUNA Councils07.16.2019

The CUNA HR & Organizational Development Council has published a new white paper, “The Diversity Advantage - Credit Unions as Champions of...


CU CD Rates Are Twice What Banks Are Paying

By CUToday.info07.15.2019

In fact, in many cases long-term CD savings rates for credit unions are double what banks are paying, said Michael...


How Differences Make a Difference in CU Culture

By Lynn Heckler07.15.2019

Research shows that gender- and ethnically-diverse companies are more likely to outperform the national industry median, yet we have not...


Credit Unions Looking for a Piece of the Growing Secured Card Market

By Palash Ghosh07.15.2019

Secured cards form a small portion of the overall credit card market. But this product can be a good way...

M & BD

Is It Time to Outsource Your Marketing?

By Patrick Houghton-Brown07.15.2019

The rise of AI and machine learning means marketing can understand who the customer is, what they’re doing, and what...

O & ME

Regulators Launch Review of 2009 Overdraft Rule

By Cheryl Lawson07.15.2019

What does this mean for banks and credit unions that are holding on to an outdated overdraft strategy, or don’t...


Adjusting to Crooks' New Tactics

By Ray Birch07.15.2019

Corey Skadburg, COO of cybersecurity training firm BrightWise, told that adjustments need to be made not only to account for...


New CUNA Finance Council White Paper: Focus on Product Profitability

By Karen Bankston07.11.2019

The CUNA Finance Council has published a new white paper, “Focus on Product Profitability: Analysis and Execution in the Race...

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