About Councils Community

CUNA Councils Community is our online communications platform, allowing members to network, discuss important issues, and work together to solve the greatest problems in their fields.  The Community empowers users with a variety of options:

  •    One closed group per Council, plus various cross-Council Communities
  •    Can be used online, or completely via email
  •    Multiple email notifications, from real time to a daily consolidated digest
  •    Searchable community directory and private messaging
  •    Customizable profiles with designations for achievement
  •    Visit the Community now

Councils Community Tour

Whether you are a new member, or have been around for awhile, we invite you to explore our exclusive Councils networking platform. Learn about:

  •    The Discussion options - Network across all 7 Councils
  •    How to attach files to posts - Include right in your question or response
  •    Interacting online or via email - Post or reply either way
  •    How to search for content  - Find the things you need
  •    Managing Community emails - Notification types, how to store in folders, and the Consolidated Digest